Thursday, April 8, 2010

Difference between web farm and web garden?

Web farm, may refer to a Web site that uses two or more servers to handle user requests. Typically, serving user requests for the files (pages) of a Web site can be handled by a single server. However, larger Web sites may require multiple servers.
Web farm is a term that is also simply used to mean a business that performs Web site hosting on multiple servers

A multi-processor machine is a Web Garden. I guess this would
imply that the WebGarden attribute of processModel in Machine.config, needs
to be set to "true"? the two WebGarden scenarios are:

a. WebGarden="false"
1. This would mean that the aspnet worker process is utilizing only one CPU?
2. The %Processor Time counter would give a more optimistic read of the
situation than is the case, because it will average out the time over 2
processors when only one is being utilized?

b. WebGarden="true"
1. This implies i have to use out-of-process technique for doing session
state management, like the state service which i have heard is about
15% slower.

In summary, using a dual-processor machine is of benefit to only if
WebGarden is set to "true" and an out-of-process technique for session
management is being used.

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