Monday, August 8, 2011

Australian Resume Format & Cover Letter with tips

The first and last thing to remember is to Never lie about your experience or work done i.e. your resume should have all the genuine information in it as most of the interviews are based on the contents of your resume i.e. the projects you've done, technologies used in the projects etc. The interviewer will ask about your projects, your role in the projects, technologies in the projects etc... and trust me... you should be prepared to know each and every detail of work done by you. If its been a couple of years since you last worked on your projects... Go back.... check with your colleagues who were involved in the projects, talk to them and try to remember the work you did!

Here is a sample resume template which is based on the Australian format: Australian Resume Template
While building your resume, make sure that you incorporate maximum keywords. It is because, most of the time consultants search a resume by typing in the keywords in their database. For instance, if somebody wants to search somebody having Ext-JS skills, he'll type-in "Ext Js" and pickup only those resumes which have "Ext Js". Therefore, even if you have worked on a technology for a bit, write about it.

Also, another very important thing to remember is to always include a cover letter in your job application. Cover letter is very essential as it gives the consultant/employer to know about the candidate and his experience in a very short span. Please find a template for the cover letter here: Cover Letter Template
Please remember to follow-up with the consultant the day after you've applied for the job. Following-up with the recruitment consultant shows that the candidate is interested in the job. It also gives an opportunity to the candidate to get a feedback about him/herself and the resume and build a good relationship with the consultant

Important Points to consider:

1) Never apply for the same job through different consultants. This will put the consultant in an embarrassing position with the employers and hence spoil your relation with the consultant.

2) Follow-up regularly with the consultant after you've applied for the job.

3) Maintain a very small pocket journal/diary which you can always keep with you for reference. The journal should contain the Date of application, Consultant name (company name and consultant name), Job you've applied for. This is important because in case you apply for more than one job at one time, you should know about the job the moment a consultant calls you or else it'll put a bad impression on the consultant if you get confused and are not sure about which job you applied for.

4) The first step in securing an interview with an employer is to convince the consultant that you are the right candidate for the job. Confidence, fluency in the language and right resume will help you a lot in securing an interview with an employer.

5) Be well prepared for your interview. You should be well aware of your field of area and also do not forget to skim through behavioral interview questions for an interview. Please view a set of sample behavioral questions here: Sample Behavioral Questions

6) Last but not the least, always dress professionally. Wear neat and clean formal dress, polished shoes, cut your nails, avoid unkempt hair etc.