Monday, August 8, 2011

Resume for a 457 Visa

This post will assist people who want to know how to build a resume necessary for the purpose of an employment visa i.e. 457 in case of an Australian Employment Visa.

A resume in Austraila is more often referred to as CV(Curriculum Vitae).
Building a resume for the purpose of an employment visa is very simple as opposed to building one for an employer. The key to build a perfect resume for an employment visa is: Short & Simple.

It should be kept in mind that the person who will review your visa application may not be a technical person and thus all the technical information in our resume will confuse him which in turn can cause delays and even rejection of application at times. Therefore, the contents of the resume should be such which are understandable by a layman i.e. even a non-technical person or person not having the knowledge of your work area is able to understand it in a clear and concise way.

The goal in building a resume for the application should be to make the case officer understand your job roles and responsibilities (current & all previous jobs), so that he's able to relate your current job function (for which you are applying) with your past experience.

Here is a template for building a resume for the purpose of 457 visa: 457 Resume Template

Above template can be used to build a resume for the purpose of an employment Visa.

All the best for your visa application.


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