Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Customize Android phone to imitate iPhone or Windows using Espier and Launcher 7

One of the best things about using an Android smartphone is you can change your phone’s appearance and behavior to mimic any of the other platforms like Windows Phone 7 or iPhone very easily.

Espier Launcher tries to do just that. If you have ever used an iPhone you would know how the launcher functions in it. The main difference is that there is no app drawer in iPhone like Android has, instead all the installed applications are spread across the home screens. The other difference is that there are no widgets.
Espirer Launcher tries to imitate the iOS launcher on your phone. Just like the launcher on iPhone, there is no app drawer here. Instead all your applications are arranged across multiple home screens and you also have a Spotlight type of search on one homescreen


  1. I like the trick and pretty interested to try it once. Very creative stuff from you and I think it will be creative activity.

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