Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Themes / Skins for Swype

Android is known for its ability to be customized. You can change every part of your phone –  the launcher, dialer, messaging app and even the status bar. This is true with the keyboard as well. If you do not like the default keyboard that cones with your phone, you can install any of the alternate ones that are available. Two of  the popular alternative keyboards for Android are SwiftKey X and Swype.

Of these SwiftKey X is the one preferred by many, because it can be themed/skinned. While Swype does not have any official themes/skins available, some developers/themers have modified the Swype APK to modify its resources and created themed Swype keyboards.

For installing any of these themes, you just need to uninstall the Swype installer & Swype from your phone and install the respective installer for the Swype theme you like. If you want to change the theme, just uninstall Swype again and install the new APK for the skin you like. XDA member djdarkknight has modded the latest Swype APK to create some awesome themes, you will definitely get a theme as per your liking. Hit the link below to find out more