Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Find the System Startup Time in Windows

In some cases you want to know your system startup time at which your window was started.

There are some methods to find the same:

Method 1:

This method is not exact. It may show error. But it can give you the idea. For exact time follow method 2.

1. Click on start menu, search for “Command Prompt” and run it as administrator by right click on it and click on “Run as Administrator”.

2. Type “net statistics workstation” and press enter.

3. It will show startup time as shown below.
Or you can type the modified command “net statistics workstation

find “Statistics since””
Method 2:

This method will show the real windows startup time.

1. Run your command prompt as directed in method 1.

2. type the command “systeminfo”. It will take some time depends upon your system speed.

3. Label named “System Boot Time” will show your system startup time. 
You can refine your command by typing “systeminfo

find “System Up Time“”

Method 3:

This method is advanced method. To run this you have to download the installer from here

1. Copy your “uptime.exe” to “C:\Windows”.

2. Run your command prompt as directed in method 1.

3. type “uptime.exe” or simply “uptime”. It will show you the time in a convenient way.

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